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Welcome to Vivek International School

Our Mission: Provide world class education in clean and natural surroundings with residential set up on a Gurukul pattern tailored to village students

Our Vision: Create center of excellence in education with blending of modern and traditional values and bench mark it for real education.

School Campus: A fully residential campus for boys and girls from nursery to secondary level with a provision for further extension to higher level studies.

From Director's Desk

The school is established on a 12 acres land with special care of maintaining the natural surroundings including water bodies and green fields thus providing cool and natural breeze during summer, sprawling lawn for kids to play and perform other physical exercises.

The school is located at 3km south of Khajedih chauk. The school site is selected keeping flood aspects in mind. The ground level of the school campus is above the normal level of surrounding lands. Additionally, the building plinth height has been made much higher to ensure, even in the worst flood scenario, school is not flooded and students are safe in such situation. Earthquake proof design (zone V) has been used for building construction.

Vivek International Residential School has been established at Gidhvas village in Ladania Block in Madhubani district. It is on CBSE based syllabus with English as medium of instructions. The main aim is to provide quality education with international standards, so that students after passing from the school would be able to build their career and achieve accomplishments in life at par with global citizens.

The school is run by Vivek Singh Memorial Trust, which is founded by socially reputed family of doctors, engineer and renowned educationist. As each child requires an all round development, which is only possible if the child gets 24 hours care in a most friendly & in natural environments, it has been a well thought decision by the trust to make the school a fully residential type on a GURUKUL PATTERN.